Lotus Filter System

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Sustainable Solutions to Wastewater Treatment


The Lotus Filter System is a Floating Wetland Technology (FWT) wastewater treatment system which:


1.    Requires virtually no energy to operate.

2.    Requires simple low-cost civil engineering.

3.    Has a very low maintenance cost.

4.    Eliminates sludge and the need to administer it.

5.    Eliminates odors.

6.    Establishes treatment facilities that are pleasant looking and ecologically functional areas to which all types of fauna are attracted.

7.    Eliminates any possibility of clogging

8.    Has a very small topographical footprint.


For these reasons Lotus Filter offers significant advantages over conventional and Constructed Wetland treatment installations which for economic or functional reasons tend to be abandoned over time.




Lotus Filter technology may be applied to wastewater effluents from municipal, industrial, commercial, agricultural, or petrochemical sources and for providing clean drinking water free of heavy metals and pathogens, removal of stormwater pollutants, and the remediation of lakes and rivers.




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